Urus Syedna Abdeali Saifuddin RA (43rd Dai) 1442H

On Urus Mubarak of Syedna Abdeali Saifuddin RA (43rd Dai) and Syedna Abduttaiyeb Zakiuddin RA (35th Dai), on Sunday 20 June 2021 (12th raat Zilqad al-Haraam), Al-Maula al-Ajal Mazoon ud Dawatil Gharra Syedi wa Maulaya Abdeali Bhaisaheb Saifuddin AAB will preside over Urus Majlis. Live broadcast will begin at 10:15pm Hong Kong time on Sunday 20 June. Please join via Zoom (Meeting ID: 94839897197).

Syedna Abdeali Saifuddin RA truly embodied the Quran’ic Ayat ‘fa inna ma’al ‘usri yusra, inna ma’al ‘usri yusra.’ At the tender age of twelve, he lost his father, but was then raised and trained by his elder brother Syedna Yusuf Najmuddin. After appointing his brother Syedi Abdulqadir Hakimuddin QR as Mazoon and Mansoos, he was devastated when Syedi Hakimuddin passed away, saying that one ‘like him’ had passed away. Learn how Syedna Abdeali Saifuddin RA overcame this and other challenges and proved the enemies of Dawat wrong…

On this mubarak miqaat, mumineen who cannot attend on Zoom are encouraged to follow amal details posted on the Fatemi Dawat website, including qasida mubaraka Saiful Huda Saiful Imam-e-shahir composed by Syedna Taher Saifuddin RA , and a salaam written in Dawat Zabaan containing zikr of Syedna Abdeali Saifuddin RA’s shanaat.