Urus Syedi Abdulqadir Hakimuddin QR 1442H

On the Urus Mubarak of Syedi Abdulqadir Hakimuddin QR, on 27mi raat Shawwal al-Mukarram (corresponding to Monday 7 June 2021), Al-Maula al-Ajal Mazoon ud Dawatil Gharra Syedi wa Maulai Abdeali Bhaisaheb Saifuddin AAB will preside over Urus Majlis. Live broadcast will begin at 9:45pm Hong Kong time. Please join via Zoom (Meeting ID: 94839897197).

Mumineen who are unable to join on Zoom are encouraged to follow the amal details on the Fatemi Dawat website, where the following resources are available: