Milad Mubarak Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin RA (52nd Dai) 1440H

On Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin RA (52nd Dai) Milad Mubarak, 20th Rabi ul-Aakhar (Friday 28 December) mumineen are encouraged to follow the amal details which are available and recite the following:

Milad Imam uz-Zamaan 1440H

On Milad Imam uz-Zamaan AS, 4th raat Rabi ul-Aakhar (Tuesday 11 December): Milad Majlis will be held after Maghrib/Isha Namaaz, followed by Niyaz Khushi Jaman.

For those who are unable to participate at markaz, amal details are available including qasida mubaraka Milaadu Maulanal-Imamit-Tayyibi composed by Syedna Taher Saifuddin RA with English translation, and a madeh composed by Shzd. Dr Bazat Tahera Bensaheba.

An English language article about The Philosophy of Celebrating Milad of Imam-uz-Zaman is available on the Fatemi Dawat website.