Urus Syedna Husamuddin (48th Dai) and Syedna Burhanuddin (49th Dai) 1440H

On Urs Raat of Syedna Abdul Husain Husamuddin RA (48th Dai) and Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin RA (49th Dai), 27th raat Zilhajjatil Haraam (Tuesday 27 September), after Maghrib/Isha Namaaz there will be Urs Majlis at markaz followed by Niyaz Jaman.

For those who are unable to participate at markaz, amal details are available including qasida mubaraka Salaamun ‘ala Da’iyay zil jalaali composed by Syedna Taher Saifuddin RA with English translation and audio recording and also a salaam written in Dawat Zabaan containing zikr of the two Dais’ shanaat and the historic events in their reign.

Yawme Ghadir-e-Khum 1440H

It is the firm belief of any mumin that it was on Ghadeer-e-Khumm that Rasulullah SAW’s deen was perfected and completed by his command of walayat towards his wasiyy, Maulana Ali AS. It was on this day that all shi’a believe that Rasulullah SAW proclaimed nass upon Maulana Ali AS. Mumineen believe the word of Rasulullah SAW on this matter to be final, and that indeed this nass was commanded by Allah Ta’ala.

Yet, today there exist so-called believers in Maulana Ali AS who question the finality of nass, those who believe that the command of Allah Ta’ala is subject to abrogation. To such people, ask the question: Is it possible that Rasulullah SAW’s nass on Maulana Ali AS could have been revoked or changed? Was the nass at Ghadeer-e-Khumm not final?

Syedna Taher Fakhruddin TUS in his waaz mubarak addresses the topic of whether nass can be changed while discussing whether Musa Kazim was ever a mansoos.


On Yawme Eid e-Ghadeer e-Khum, 18 Zilhajjatil Haraam (19 August): shukran lillah namaaz, Zohr Imamat Namaaz and wasila mubaraka will be held at markaz to be followed by Waaz Mubarak recording. On this day, mumineen will also do rozu.

Maghrib/Isha namaaz will also be held at markaz to be followed by iftari niyaz jaman.

For those who are unable to participate at markaz with imamat, amal details are available including rozu niyyat, ghusul, niyyat for shukran lillah namaaz, wasila mubaraka recording, and al Yawma Eidu Ghadeer e Khummi qasida with English translation and audio recording.

Resources for Eid e-Ghadeer e-Khumm

Yawme Arafa and Eid ul Adha 1440H

“Woh hajje majaazi hai, tu hajje haqiqi hai. Dil he hajare aswad, seena tera zamzam hai.”

It is a truly a special event when the Dai embarks on the pilgrimage of Hajj. The confluence of the Ka’ba of stones and the Ka’ba of souls is a sight to behold and mumineen and ibadullah who are there to witness it are indeed blessed.

Those of us who were not present still have an opportunity to relive those memories. A photo album of Duat Mutlaqeen performing the rites and rituals of Hajj is available.

Yawme Arafa

On Yawmul Arafa 9th Zilhajj (10 August), mumineen in Hong Kong will gather at markaz for Zohr/Asr Imamat namaaz and do tilawat of doas by Syedna al-Mu’ayyad al-Shirazi RA and Imam Ali Zainul Aabedeen SA followed by wasila mubaraka recording.

Eid ul Adha Raat

On Eid ul-Adha raat 10th raat Zilhajj (10 August), mumineen will gather for Maghrib/Isha Imamat namaaz at markaz followed by washeq namaaz and wasila mubaraka recording. Namaaz to be followed by niyaz jaman.

Eid ul Adha Day

On Eid ul-Adha morning 10th Zilhajj (11 August), mumineen will pray Fajr namaaz with Imamat followed by khutba, wasila mubaraka recording of Syedna Taher Fakhruddin TUS, Khushi Majlis, and niyaz jaman.

Zabihat will be done at Darus Sakina, Mumbai, under the Hizb-e-Khalilullah programme. Report for the 1438H programme is available online.

Mumineen who cannot attend the above events at markaz are encouraged to follow the amal details on the Fatemi Dawat website.