Milad Mubarak Syedna Taher Fakhruddin TUS 1443H

On the mubarak occasion of Syedna TUS Milad-e-Maimoon, Aqa Maula TUS will preside over Milad Majlis and Bayan Mubarak from Bakersfield, California at 9:15am Hong Kong time on Wednesday 1 December and this will be broadcast live on YouTube and be available for replay thereafter. All Mumineen should watch and take barakaat on this auspicious day:

There will be a online bethak where araz of tehniyat and mubarakbadi can be offered to Syedna TUS. Live bethak with Aqa Maula TUS will be held on Wednesday 1 December via Zoom, and Mumineen will have an opportunity make a short araz to Syedna TUS. Pre-registration is required, and to register please contact us.