Yawme Ghadir-e-Khum 1444H

On Yawme Eid e-Ghadeer e-Khum, 18 Zilhajjatil Haraam (Thursday 6 July), mumineen should pray shukran lillah namaaz, Zohr Namaaz and listen to wasila mubaraka. On this day, mumineen will also do rozu.

Zohr Asr Namaaz will be held at markaz, after which we will take barakaat of live broadcast of Syedna Taher Fakhruddin TUS Waaz Mubarak, and then renew our Misaaq to Syedna TUS.

Amal details are available including rozu niyyat, ghusul, niyyat for shukran lillah namaaz, wasila mubaraka recording, and al Yawma Eidu Ghadeer e Khummi qasida with English translation and audio recording.

Live Waaz Mubarak Relay

Al-Dai al-Fatemi Syedna Taher Fakhruddin TUS will deliver Waaz Mubarak on Eid e Ghadeer e Khum, insha’Allah, at 1:30pm Hong Kong time: